About Us


Mubik Entertainment Ltd is a company founded in 2012 by Ilkka Räsänen. Ilkka is an experienced IT professional who has been working within several large American companies, e.g. Digital & Microsoft – and during all that time he has had a powerful passion for playing guitar in various bands. The original idea of Mubik was founded on that – many, many years back.

On top of his corporate career Ilkka has been working with several growth companies & startups, and now finally it is time for him to have one that truly puts all his bits & pieces together, Mubik Entertainment Ltd.


Our goal is to help everyone to discover the world of music in a new way. It is our mission to put this goal into practice by providing various gaming apps & tools for everyone to discover their inner artist!


The Mubik Musical Puzzle is a new innovative game that helps you dive into the world of music by first solving the hidden song and then amusing yourself by playing the song in a simple manner with a special Mubik instrument within the game. Mubik helps everyone to step up from a listener to an artist with a patented, easy to use method

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