Mubik - Musical Puzzle


Mubik is a revolutionary musical puzzle game for mobile devices. Music games are usually games that either play a song sample or ask trivia questions. Mubik puts a gamer to driver’s seat with an easy-to-use instrument! It even introduces a totally new gaming experience (pat.pending), which attracts new groups of people to experiment the magic of music!

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Mubik for healthcare


Mubik is a fun and interesting music game that provides an easy and innovative way to experience and produce music and, at the same time, train cognitive functions. In my view, Mubik is a promising tool for individuals with special needs and for neurological rehabilitation. In the future, it can potentially be applied for example in the rehabilitation of persons with traumatic brain injury or memory impairment. Researcher, Psychologist, PhD Teppo Särkämö, University of Helsinki



Mubik is an inspirational and exhilarating game of musical expression. The pupils can self-produce music tracks as they wish. The game especially activates pupils with some difficulties in producing music.

Helena Antola, teacher

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